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~Israeli youTube Mashups by melthebest
March 17, 2009, 3:14 pm
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Israeli DJ Kutiman (myspace.com/kutiman) has put together an incredible group of songs made entirely of youTube videos.  You can check out all the tracks at thru-you.com


~Avishai Cohen’s Shalom Aleichem Video by melthebest
February 23, 2009, 6:31 am
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Israel jazz musician has put out quite a good video for his popular version of the Shabbat song “Shalom Aleichem.”  Enjoy!

~Magnifying Glass – Pallywood by ronshapiro
January 11, 2009, 6:37 am
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It is no doubt that Israel’s war is against the media.  Israel always wants to protect its PR, because it is the one country in the entire world under the most scrutiny of the bigest magnifying glass.  This “magnifying glass” which blows stories out of proportion is the reason why Hamas gains sympathy from the Western World.

When Hamas uses its people as human shields, it forces Israel to fight back, which leads to its condemnation.  For example, Hamas fired rockets from a UN school, and then when Israel fired back, Hamas shielded itself with civilians.  They spun the story to make Israel look like villains, exploding a school full of civilians.

The group that Israel is fighting is western media-viewers, that try to sympathize for Palestinians.  They support the “humanitarian-crisis” because they’ve seen video’s of crises.  Hamas then takes this money, filters it back towards its terrorist activities, and even blocks humanitarian aid from its citizens.  Currently, humanitarian aid in some areas of Gaza is being halted because the warehouses are FULL.  Hamas doesn’t even allow the food, medicine, and blood units to get to its civilians.  It even turns patients away from hospitals as part of its propoganda against Israel.

Posted below is a segment on how some of these videos of “humanitarian crises” are generally fake and made up.  It is definitely worth watching.

What Israel needs the most, is a media program that shows the humanitarian crisis that HAMAS IS CAUSING. Segments on popular TV shows that examine the wonders of the IDF, combined with the terror that Hamas causes, would show the Western World that Israel is truly the one that is looking for peace. Debates that are planned for pro-Palestinian arguments to fail or show the truth in Gaza would also explain what is truly going on in the region.

~War 2.0 by ozniablog
January 7, 2009, 4:33 pm
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As the war against Hamas continues in the south of Israel.  Israeli government officals have taken the PR battle directly to the web.  The IDF has created their own youtube channel where you can veiw videos of IDF operations, while the Israeli Consulate in New York has taken to twitting. As expected, the blog-o-sphere has errupted with posts ranging from the Makom/Haaretz blog where bloggers discuss the difficult issues surrounding this conflict to the direct advocasy site Help Us Win. The question is how much does all of this help?

~YouTube Israel Search by bdavis90
June 12, 2008, 8:47 pm
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It’s always interesting to see how the internet search algorithms work out. Everyone remembers Google’s “Jew” scandal last year…

So I thought I’d try searching for “Israel” on Youtube and see what comes up. Unfortunately I must say it’s nothing too great…unless you consider Al Jazeera’s Walt-Mearsheimer-esque critique of AIPAC something positive.


Or how about “Jewish” on youtube? Another Al Jazeera criticism of AIPAC.


Ironically, two of the most contentious terms I searched for – “Jew,” generally used in a derogatory way, and “Jerusalem,” the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – yielded the least anti-Israel or anti-Semitic results. “Jew” produced a number of cute videos created by Jewish people and at the top of the “Jerusalem” search was none other than Matisyahu. Down the list were other songs extolling the ancient city.

Of course, searches change daily. But it could be important to track. The impact of these videos could be significant.