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~Israeli Soldiers Speak Out by melthebest
April 5, 2009, 8:18 pm
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In response to recent reports of Israeli soldiers’ actions in Gaza, Stand With Us International has put together a website called soldiersspeakout.com, a collection of testimonies and videos of Israeli soldiers explaining the complexity of fighting within a civilian population, and the lengths the IDF goes to, to preserve “purity of arms.”


~Israeli Apartheid Week by ronshapiro

March 1st-8th marks the 5th annual Israel Apartheid Week.  This has “become one of the most important global events in the Palestine solidarity calendar” (www.apartheidweek.org).  Wait, WHAT?

For one week, creatures around the world are gathering to bash Israel’s security fence as an “Apartheid Wall.”  Last year, more than 25 cities participated, along with several universities around the US and Europe.  Millions of people that are uneducated at these centers of high-level education are being swayed to believe that Israel is an inhumane and backwards country that is stuck in a state similar to South Africa and America pre-civil-rights movement which enjoys watching civilians suffer on international television.  The organizers of these events string long arguments depicting the IDF to be a cruel army, targeting civilians, and restricting humanitarian aid by showing movies (which are usually fake), holding large events of flag burning, and lectures filled with propaganda directed at those who have no idea what is going on in Israel.

It is critical that these attempts are thwarted and that the common public is told the truth.  It is inevitable: people will hate the Jewish people and the idea of a Jewish state; but not everyone has to.  StandWithUs and The David Project have plenty of resources, including posters that show members of Hamas teaching their children to shoot guns and other terrible crimes.

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~A Note on Advocacy by aklionsky


My email has been flooded every time I check it.

Which is a good thing, considering the situation in Israel and the nature of the emails.

Earlier this year I put myself on the listerv for the Penn Israel Coalition (UPenn’s pro-Israel organization.) While they get a lot of their information–especially now–from Stand With Us, the organization is a great resource for updates on what’s going on in Israel, policies, and also pro-Israel events.

I get similar emails from the Jewish Federation, although those are more specifically related to Chicago and Chicago area events.

But perhaps the best tool since the most recent und of fighting began is facebook. Facebook has a plethora of proIsrael groups (and, unfortunately, many groups that are full of hate against Israel). Facebook’s ability to communicate quickly with people around your school and around the country makes it the ideal location for sharing information about the situation, news updates, and announcements about pro-Israel rallies and events going together. Especially since many of the rallies have been put together very quickly, the high turnout is astonishingly impressive, and much of it is due to Facebook.

Other organizations to check out are AIPAC, The Israel Project.

If you encounter bias in the media (which there’s a lot of), please DO NOT hesitate to report it to CAMERA and/or HonestReporting.

Please feel free to check out my two blog posts relating to Israel for a class I’m taking.

B’hatzlacha, good luck, in your advocacy!