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~War, Even for the Right Reasons, Is Wrong by zionismlives
January 13, 2009, 3:09 pm
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This is going to be more of a controversial post. Bear with me. And, keep in mind, I love Israel with all my heart. It just needs to be put in its place every now and again, especially with so many Jews spewing blind, pro-Israel propaganda these days.

I will not deny the suffering of Southern Israel. And I do not believe the world should deny it either, although it does on a daily basis. The physical damage the daily rockets, that now endanger over one million lives, inflict is nothing compared to the mental damage they inflict. I just saw a report that said more than 75% of children in Sderot and surrounding areas suffer from various forms of trauma.

However, I am fundamentally against any full out war, especially one that has caused 920 deaths—43% of them, according to CNN, civilians. That is just short of 400 innocent Palestinian men, women, and children that have died so far. Yes, we must be amazed at the precision of the IDF’s campaign in making the other 57% of the casualties Hamas. But, that previous number is still astounding, and makes the costs of this War too much. Israel has claimed that a much higher percentage of the deaths are Hamas—an obvious discrepancy that comes from different meanings of the term “civilian.” To Israel, anyone that is in some way related to Hamas is considered a militant. That means all the people working in the government and all the people working for the social branch of Hamas are considered militants. A secretary in a government office and a social worker should never be considered militants. Israel sends flyers and makes calls to the civilians that there is going to be a bombing, but, where do the civilians go when their movement is greatly restricted by IDF ground troops and the simple fact that none of them can leave the country? In addition, Israel has made a few mistakes about civilians.

The example of the Samouni family is a good one. They were living in a Hamas-controlled area, and were told by the IDF to move themselves into one house for their safety. That night, the building was shelled, killing 30 members of the family. The wounded were not able to be helped for days even though IDF soldiers and tanks were just 50 meters from the building, because the army said it was too dangerous for aid workers to enter the scene. (The article about the incedent)

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~Where the Real War Is At: The Media by joshman91
January 8, 2009, 6:42 am
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Throughout the past year, the world has witnessed many unnecessary, bloody incursions. The UN hardly opened an eye when the genocide in Darfur erupted. When peaceful, innocent Burmese Monks were being slaughtered, the world’s leaders were posing for the cameras. And most recently, everyone was enjoying the Olympics while China was conquering Tibet.

Apparently, those issues were unfortunate, yet unimportant. However, when we JEWS decide to defend ourselves, the rest of the world suddenly stands up and shouts “STOP.” When Israel retaliates to terrorists that shoot rockets at innocent women and children, there is suddenly a “humanitarian crises.” Funny, this is the most active the UN has ever been.

The riots that are occurring in the Arab world are to no surprise. Contrary to that, many Jews, myself especially, are quite disturbed by the anti-Israel rallies that are presently taking place throughout Europe, most notably in Britain, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, and Turkey. As you watch youtube or the news, you will notice that the protesters consist of all Europeans, not just Arabs. The protests in Amsterdam are particularly alarming, for it was the Dutch that risked their lives hiding and protecting us during the Holocaust. The protests in London will have a profound impact, for they are being led by politicians and celebrities alike. As much as we hate to say it, anti-semitism is once again very well a part of Europe.

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~The Restoration of the Gaza Crises by zionismlives
December 2, 2008, 7:30 am
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On November 4, Israel preformed a ground raid upon the Gaza Strip to destroy a tunnel that the Israeli government claims was built by the Hamas military to kidnap an Israeli soldier. In that same day, Israel preformed an air-strike on southern Gaza. In response, Hamas and other terrorist organizations rekindled the fuses on their rockets and officially broke the cease-fire in place since June of this year. In response to the rocket attacks, Israel closed the borders through to Gaza, limiting their power supply and the supplies of UN organizations proving food and other necessities to three quarters of a million Gaza residents. Minimal amounts of supplies began to be allowed in on November

There are two issues that have to do with this renewed crisis. The first has to do with Israel’s preemptive raid into Gaza and Israel’s subsequent air strike. Israel claims that the raid was to prevent a kidnapping by Hamas. The idea that Hamas would break the cease-fire is simply ridiculous—their cause is fueled by the sympathy it receives from outside sources because it plays up the victim role. No victim could break a cease-fire, and kidnapping a soldier (hardly “kosher” in wartime) would be denounced. Say what you will about the evil acts Hamas commits, but it is a very strategically ingenious organization. Thus, Hamas, in order to keep its victim status, would never kidnap a soldier. Secondly, the air-strike—a response to rocket fire from Gaza—was a terrible decision. It continued the back and forth between to enemies instead of trying to limit the violence to just two incidents. As long as Israel responds to Gaza’s responses, there will end up being an endless barrage of bombing in both territories.

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