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~A Note on Advocacy by aklionsky


My email has been flooded every time I check it.

Which is a good thing, considering the situation in Israel and the nature of the emails.

Earlier this year I put myself on the listerv for the Penn Israel Coalition (UPenn’s pro-Israel organization.) While they get a lot of their information–especially now–from Stand With Us, the organization is a great resource for updates on what’s going on in Israel, policies, and also pro-Israel events.

I get similar emails from the Jewish Federation, although those are more specifically related to Chicago and Chicago area events.

But perhaps the best tool since the most recent und of fighting began is facebook. Facebook has a plethora of proIsrael groups (and, unfortunately, many groups that are full of hate against Israel). Facebook’s ability to communicate quickly with people around your school and around the country makes it the ideal location for sharing information about the situation, news updates, and announcements about pro-Israel rallies and events going together. Especially since many of the rallies have been put together very quickly, the high turnout is astonishingly impressive, and much of it is due to Facebook.

Other organizations to check out are AIPAC, The Israel Project.

If you encounter bias in the media (which there’s a lot of), please DO NOT hesitate to report it to CAMERA and/or HonestReporting.

Please feel free to check out my two blog posts relating to Israel for a class I’m taking.

B’hatzlacha, good luck, in your advocacy!


~When Israel Advocacy Is Just One Click Away by ozniablog
October 22, 2008, 6:20 pm
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About a month ago, I received an e-mail from Stand With Us (an Israel Education and Advocacy Organization) recruiting writers for CampusPost, a college campus newspaper and joint collaboration with the Jerusalem Post. Caught off guard, I was a bit confused; why was I, a high school junior, being asked to write for a college newspaper? I was curious, but figured the message was delivered mistakenly and did not actually apply to me; I forwarded it to my college-aged sister and then let the ad archive into my AOL account. A few minutes later, I decided to venture into my “old mail” folder and click on the newspaper’s link, to learn, if nothing else, about what I had recently passed on. I began reading, and was immediately enthralled by the mission and contents of the paper. Written by students for students, Campus Post is a nonpartisan monthly newspaper that works to highlight “the richness of Israel’s diversity” through its innovations, its culture, and its true relationship to the rest of the world. Somewhat hesitantly, I decided to respond to the mass recruitment e-mail and find out if there was some way I could possibly get the paper to be delivered to my high school. I was cheerfully surprised when a response the following day asked me simply for a number, shipping address and contact.

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