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~Subliminal: Israeli Music on a Deeper Level by ksbeck90
March 30, 2008, 5:11 pm
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I think this video, featuring the song “Hatikva” by Subliminal depicts and emotes the struggle of our brothers in Israel that we in our secure and smug lives can easily forget to consider. It also express the intense, complicated political feelings of Israel.

Subliminal’s song, (a very popular one at that,) which I have translated into English (below) highlights the calamities of war which Israel wants not have to take place but the peace talks just mean nothing in this unfortunate age of terror: Our job is just to follow the dream and try to make things better. We are an eternal nation that has endured much in history, but, as Subliminal notes, nobody to date in history of the innumerable that have attempted have succeeded in obliterating the Jewish people, although too many try with unceasing determination. We must remain strong despite these challenges – that is the Israeli strength, the Israeli mentality and mindset that we in our comfortable lives might forget to remember.

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~Israel Forever? by ksbeck90
March 25, 2008, 7:57 pm
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Having grown up in a generation where the State of Israel was a given and having been too young to fully comprehended the intifada at its worst, I found myself increasingly more alarmed for the well-being of the State of Israel. Just look at this video:



For those who need translation, basically Nasrallah, echoing the words of Achmidenejad is calling for a total obliteration of Israel which he believes is very possible and he is threatening to stimulate such destruction. Of course, this can easily be viewed as empty threats but I fear he may know well that words without actions are meaningless. If Hezbollah has really accumulated weapons: should we be afraid? I mean, look at the following who support this radical!

Too bad in this country, it isn’t really newsworthy. This Zionist for one is starting to get more concerned for the clashes that seem to lie ahead.