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~Settlements and terror: mutually exclusive by joshman91
October 7, 2009, 11:28 pm
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Throughout the past 16 years, beginning with that famous handshake between Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat, one thing has become evident: land for a peace is a total failure. Instead of land for peace, Israel has instead witnessed “land for terror.” We cannot continue with the Oslo process. Now, before the debate begins, I would like to use a few “facts” to illustrate my point.

As we all know, the original “two-state solution” was proposed through the “UN Parition Plan” of 1947. It is through this plan that we first witness the ability of the Jews to compromise; for the originial “Balfour Declaration of 1917” had stated that the Jewish State would consist of what is today considered Israel, as well as the land east of the Jordan River (Judea, Samaria and most of what is considered Jordan). Instead all land east of the Jordan River used to establish the Arab state of Jordan. As for western Israel, it was divided up while Jerusalem, the historical capital of the Jewish people, was to remain under international control. Of course, the Jews, thankful to have anything, accepted the plan, while the Arabs rejected it, stating they would only settle until “the Jews were driven into the sea.”

From 1948 all the way until 1967, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (the name Jordan assigned to Judea and Samaria) remained under Arab control. While Gaza was ruled by Egypt and the West Bank by Jordan, there was not one Palestinian cry for independent statehood. However, after Israel rightfully won those lands in a fair fight (1967), the Palestinian


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