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~Gaza Stimulus Package: When Will This End? by joshman91

On February 10, 2009, the Israeli public made it abundantly clear that they are fed up with the status quo. Although most would like to see peace, they have grown tired of this past administration’s efforts to appease their enemies. Before I continue, I would like to make it clear that I am for peace. Having said that, I have come to the realization that territorial concessions and terror are mutually exclusive. Since the famous handshake between Yassir Arafat and Yitzak Rabin, instead of “Land for Peace” we have seen “Land for Terror.”

Perhaps the greatest example of why “Land for Peace” is a failed philosophy is Gaza. After the results of Sharon’s “Unilateral Disengagement,” I challenge anyone on this blog to argue why doing the same in Judea and Samaria would be effective. Before I discuss the security disasters that have resulted from the disengagement, I would like to make note of how inhumane our fellow Jews have been treated by the Israeli government. Many of the Gush Katif (region in Gaza) refugees are unemployed, homeless, and have experienced psychological damage. The government subsidized them to go on a “mission” and then evicted them from their homes.

Settlers aside, the disengagement has brought about a new age of terror. Since 2005, when Israel withdrew all settlers and security forces from every last inch of Gaza, thousands of rockets have been launched into southern Israel. While the media likes to make note of the fact that the rockets have caused few deaths, they ignore the fact that the Israelis cannot go to the mall. Residents of Beer Sheva have to worry about sending their kids to Kindergarden; the psychological damage that has resulted is disturbing.

With all that has happened with Hamas, there are sane politicians arguing that innocent Jewish families need to be evicted from their homes in Judea and Samaria. Of course, when their opponents make note of the disasters of the Gaza disengagement, proponents of a “West Bank Disengagement” will argue that Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah-backed Palestinian Authority are moderate, and really want peace. Unfortunately, the United States is backing the reestablishment of a Fatah-Hamas unity government, which would only extend Hamas’ power to Judea and Samaria. On top of this, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has proposed a $900 million stimulus package for Gaza, on US taxpayer expense. This will bring nothing new. For years, Israel has bowed down to international pressure to give “humanitarian aid” to Gazans. Everything that has been sent there has been used to build rockets. The biggest mistake of the Olmert Administration was not finishing the job in Gaza, i.e. wiping out the Hamas regime. By failing to finish the job, and by enacting this bogus cease fire, this outgoing government has paved the way for international acceptance of Hamas as a legitimate political organization. Nothing could be more absurd. For peace to occur, it takes “two to tango.”

On the issue of settlements in Judea and Samaria, Prime Minister Netanyahu said it right when he stated that although the government will not actively build new settlements, he will not choke the settlements, and will allow for natural growth. After all, the growth rate in Judea and Samaria is much higher than that of the rest of Israel. If the hundreds of thousands of settlers were to be evicted from their homes, it would be an economic disaster. Instead of handing over land in the irresponsible fashion that we have been doing, we should enact Netanyahu’s “economic peace” initiative. In this bottom-up approach, the economic well-being of the Palestinians would be improved, while a two-state solution would be dealt with later on, when peace is realistic. Prime Minister Netanyahu also said it right when he promised that Jerusalem will never be divided. Giving the Palestinians a capital in East Jerusalem is only a codename for Iranian-Proxy Government in the “holy city.” Imagine if there was a “Gaza Strip” near the holy sites?

The peace process is being stalled because of Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. Israel has a few options at hand. It can continue the failed policies of the Olmert-Livni-Barak government, in which Israel cedes land in return for terror, while battling terrorists in a tit-for-tat fashion. With a Likud-led government,that scenario is highly unlikely. This new government can either have another go-around with trying to abliterate the Hamas regime once and for all, or they can attempt to kill “two birds with one stone.” To do the latter, i.e. destroy Hamas and Hezbollah simultaneously, Israel has to take out the source: IRAN. It is 1938 and Iran is Germany. Only instead of wiping out the Jews and then obtaining the nuclear weapon (as did Adolph Hitler) Ahmadinejad is taking the reverse approach. Unfortunately, Iran’s nuclear facilities are too heavily guarded for Israel to do the job alone. Israel would need the United States and/or international backing. However, to the cowardly nature of the Europeans, as well as the fact that the United States has lost all credibility with the Iraq mess, that scenario is unfortunately unlikely as well. Right now, all we can hope for is that the decrease in demand for oil with continue to crush Iran’s economy to the point where they will have to suspend their nuclear program.

It is time for Israel to be strong. In this current wake of world-wide anti-semitism, we Jews in the Diaspora need to stand tall and support our homeland.


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The $900 millions proposal by Hillary Clinton that you mentioned – non is going to Hamas. $300 million is going to Israeli companies that provide electricity and other infrastructure to Gaza. Another $300 million is going to Fatah, and each dollar spent is being documented. The last portion is going to fixing infrastructure, which also has ever dollar documented.

Even though its not the best, it is better than handing over $900 million to Hamas.

Comment by ronshapiro

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