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~Magnifying Glass – Pallywood by ronshapiro
January 11, 2009, 6:37 am
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It is no doubt that Israel’s war is against the media.  Israel always wants to protect its PR, because it is the one country in the entire world under the most scrutiny of the bigest magnifying glass.  This “magnifying glass” which blows stories out of proportion is the reason why Hamas gains sympathy from the Western World.

When Hamas uses its people as human shields, it forces Israel to fight back, which leads to its condemnation.  For example, Hamas fired rockets from a UN school, and then when Israel fired back, Hamas shielded itself with civilians.  They spun the story to make Israel look like villains, exploding a school full of civilians.

The group that Israel is fighting is western media-viewers, that try to sympathize for Palestinians.  They support the “humanitarian-crisis” because they’ve seen video’s of crises.  Hamas then takes this money, filters it back towards its terrorist activities, and even blocks humanitarian aid from its citizens.  Currently, humanitarian aid in some areas of Gaza is being halted because the warehouses are FULL.  Hamas doesn’t even allow the food, medicine, and blood units to get to its civilians.  It even turns patients away from hospitals as part of its propoganda against Israel.

Posted below is a segment on how some of these videos of “humanitarian crises” are generally fake and made up.  It is definitely worth watching.

What Israel needs the most, is a media program that shows the humanitarian crisis that HAMAS IS CAUSING. Segments on popular TV shows that examine the wonders of the IDF, combined with the terror that Hamas causes, would show the Western World that Israel is truly the one that is looking for peace. Debates that are planned for pro-Palestinian arguments to fail or show the truth in Gaza would also explain what is truly going on in the region.


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..For example, Hamas fired rockets from a UN school, and then when Israel fired back,..

That’s a lie and you know it’s a lie. Even the IDF backtracked and said there was not any HAMAS fire coming from that UN school in which the IDF butchered around 50 kids.

Another lie being pushed by the Zionist owned MSM is that Hamas uses human shields?
Which agit prop outlets like CNN and FOX repeat ad nauseam to further brainwash Americans into thinking “Good, Double Good” about Israel and to engage in the state mandated “Two Minutes Hate” anytime we hear the words, Hamas, Palestine, Muslim or Iran.

Considering that Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world and Israel has for years controlled Gaza’s borders and the sea and the air corridors, blocking food and medicines from getting in and people from getting out, just where in the hell is Hamas supposed to hide?

Let’s not forget that Hamas won an internationally monitored election in 2006. An election encouraged by the USA.

But when we didn’t get our lackey’s voted in–they don’t use Diebold computerized voting machines in Gaza–and Hamas won, the US and Israel immediately went about trying to overthrow Hamas.

The IDF likes to use human shileds.

Like the type the IDF uses when they grab Palestinian kids and force them to walk in front of IDF troops when they frequently raid Gaza and West Bank homes.

Israel is an out of control violent nation led by some blood-thirsty psychos, much like the US is.

They’ve ignored numerous UN resolutions, they have around 200 nukes and don’t belong to the NPT, scores of bio-chem weapons, snatch Palestinians off the street, toss them in jail, where they stay for years w/o being charged.
Around 11,000 Palestinians are stuck in Israeli jails and about 1,000 of those are kids.

Israel has repeatedly invaded neighboring countries and is engaged in an ethnic cleansing campaign against their indigenous people.

In 1967, they shot to hell a US ship, the USS Liberty, killing around 40 US personnel and wounding over 150 others. They even machine-gunned survivors trying to escape in life boats.

It was reasons like the above that the USA used to invade Iraq, so when are we going to send the B-2 bombers to smash Tel Aviv?

Comment by Greg Bacon

You can say that claims are lies, but if you watch the video footage on Youtube of Hamas supporters grabbing children before firing Qassams, its impossible to reject the claim that Hamas is using its civilians as Human shields. There are videos of Hamas claiming that they want to cause deaths on either side. You can “disagree” with facts, but in reality, Hamas wants public opinion of people like you to believe that they are completely humanitarian. But how do you do that when you know that Hamas turns civilians away from hospitals that are supplied by humanitarian aid from the Israeli government?

Comment by ronshapiro

Hamas is exploiting the 24 hour news culture by making sure pictures of Palestinian suffering are plastered on the website of every news outlet and the front page of every newspaper, obvsi. Israel is refusing to play the game, stubbornly carrying on with it’s operation as if no one is watching and everything goes. They don’t want the world to see them struggling, nor do they want the world’s sympathy. I’m afraid that if they don’t change their tactics in some way, the military victory will not have been worth the devastating public relations disaster that the war has already turned into, sealing Israel’s fate as the World’s pariah state for another 100 years.

Just playing devils advocate from another point of view.

Comment by leias

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