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~Where the Real War Is At: The Media by joshman91
January 8, 2009, 6:42 am
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Throughout the past year, the world has witnessed many unnecessary, bloody incursions. The UN hardly opened an eye when the genocide in Darfur erupted. When peaceful, innocent Burmese Monks were being slaughtered, the world’s leaders were posing for the cameras. And most recently, everyone was enjoying the Olympics while China was conquering Tibet.

Apparently, those issues were unfortunate, yet unimportant. However, when we JEWS decide to defend ourselves, the rest of the world suddenly stands up and shouts “STOP.” When Israel retaliates to terrorists that shoot rockets at innocent women and children, there is suddenly a “humanitarian crises.” Funny, this is the most active the UN has ever been.

The riots that are occurring in the Arab world are to no surprise. Contrary to that, many Jews, myself especially, are quite disturbed by the anti-Israel rallies that are presently taking place throughout Europe, most notably in Britain, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, and Turkey. As you watch youtube or the news, you will notice that the protesters consist of all Europeans, not just Arabs. The protests in Amsterdam are particularly alarming, for it was the Dutch that risked their lives hiding and protecting us during the Holocaust. The protests in London will have a profound impact, for they are being led by politicians and celebrities alike. As much as we hate to say it, anti-semitism is once again very well a part of Europe.

The PR battle is what will determine who wins this war. The world is against us, and we have the worst PR ever. That is why the terrorists prevailed after the Second Lebanon War. The biased media reporting has been ever-so predictable. When it is reported that 400 Palestinians have been killed, it is not noted that the vast majority of those people were terrorists. When pictures of smoke rising above Gaza are played over and over, we never get a glimpse of the horrible environments that exist in the bomb shelters in Ashkalon or Sderot. To no surprise, the media put no emphasis on the rockets that hit a kindergarden in Beersheba.
The media’s new favorite phrase is “disproportionate attacks,” an absurd concept dreamed up in UN and academic circles. War is not a tit for tat game. During World War II, when the Nazis were rocketing Britain, Britain’s response in Dresden was ten thousand times worse. After the United States was attacked on 9/11, its response was to go half way around the world, take out the Taliban (rightly so) and conquer Iraq. Most importantly, there is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. As Benjamin Netanyahu has rightly said, Hamas is committing a “double war crime,” meaning they shoot rockets at innocent civilians, and then use their own people as shields. To clear the biggest misconception, Israel does NOT target civilians. They target terrorists. In fact, what you won’t hear on the BBC or even CNN is the fact that when the IAF is about drop a bomb, they drop notes in Arabic warning the people to get out of the way. And finally, this whole notion that Quassam rockets don’t kill is beyond absurdity. Close family friends of mine are holding their crying children in a bomb shelter right now. While the rockets may have only killed less than a dozen Israelis, they have injured many over the years, and have caused much psychological damage.

Our failure in the PR battle is most represented by the fact that many people around the world are still unaware that Israel withdrew from every last inch of Gaza in 2005. Yet, we still hear people saying “end the occupation, free Palestine.”

To the digression of its own public, the Israeli Government gave into world pressure and removed every last settler in 2005, all to make peace. This war is an act of self defense, and the world is going to criticize us no matter what, so we better go all in and make it worth the effort. Israel cannot afford to walk away looking weak like it did in Lebanon.

Whether the others want to join us or not, we Jews must stay united, and we must support Israel in this unfortunate, yet necessary battle against terrorism.


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