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~Lose/Lose War, or 100% win…?!?! by ronshapiro
January 7, 2009, 6:06 pm
Filed under: opinion, politics

After more than 3 years of rocket fire, Israel finally said it was enough.  When they started airstrikes, the goal was to damage Hamas thoroughly to teach them a lesson.  However, killing terrorist officials hurts Hamas, actually helps Hamas.  Why though?

If you examine this further, you realize one thing: any death in the war benefits Hamas.

  • Israeli’s killed in southern Israel from Qassam fire helps Hamas in their goal to kill Jews.
  • Gazans killed provides pictures for propoganda and leads to monetary support of Hamas.  When someone dies in Gaza, Hamas can flip the story and blame Israel for “not being humanitarian enough.”
  • When civilians are killed, Israel weeps.  Hamas celebrates, because they can attack Israel through the media more.

For Israel, deaths on either side are negative:

  • Israeli’s killed –> Jews dying.  Obviously bad for Israel.
  • Gazan’s killed –> Israel gets a bad PR across the world.

Israel hates to show weakness.  Home-born Israelis don’t like to be the underdog, they have to much pride.  Pictures of Jews that were hurt due to Qassam rocket fire are hidden.  They don’t ask the world to show sympathy, because then they will be seen as a country that lacks strength.

Why do Palestinians benefit from everything?  The reason is that they don’t mind showing weakness.  Weakness turns into strength, as they spin-doctor stories to make Israel look bad.  Westerners that see “horrifying pictures” send money to help Hamas in hospitals.  Hamas then takes the money, and spends it on more Qassams.  Its a loop that will never end, unless…

The I.D.F. completely eliminates Hamas.  Fatah is clearly the only government party that is looking for peace.  In the West Bank, the PA  is peaceful even though there are settlements.  If Palestinians moderates want peace, they can’t support Hamas, and as long as Hamas exists, they will continue to pressure the poor to vote for them.  Israel must make sure to deal a big enough blow to Hamas during this ground war so that there is no way for them to regenerate.

This war as necessary, it needed to happen.  Israel could not wait any longer.  Since Disengagement, 6,400 rockets have fallen in Israel.  As former Prime Minister Golda Meir said, “We can forgive you for killing our sons, but we can never forgive you for making us kill yours.”  Hamas continued to send rockets even during the cease-fire.  They have been asking for a response even if they weren’t expecting one.  And this time, Israel won’t let up.


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