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~Who really likes Hamas? by ronshapiro
December 31, 2008, 5:06 pm
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Last week when fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas, it got me thinking, who really likes Hamas? Lets take a look at the players:

  • Israel
  • The Palestinian Authority
  • Palestinians living in Gaza
  • Egypt

1. Israel clearly dislikes Gaza, which can be seen with the recent outbreak of fighting between the two. It is clear that Israel does not enjoy having to try and create peace with a “nation” that supports terrorism.

2. The Palestinian Authority: Mahmoud Abbas came out with a statement that he believes the blame is on Hamas, not on Israel. Whenever the PA attempts to make agreements with the Knesset, progress is never made because of the instability that Hamas brings to the table. If Fatah controlled Gaza along with the West Bank, diplomacy would be much easier.

3. Regular Palestinians living in Gaza: No one wants to live with no money, terrible infrastructure, and a government that spends all of its money on terrorism and propaganda. Hamas forces Palestinians to vote for them, because if they don’t their children would have to go to the schools that were even worse than the current ones. They also threaten them to not support them monetarily (which they already don’t do).

4. Egypt: The country that borders Gaza besides Israel strongly dislikes Hamas. President Mubarak said that they would only open the borders if the PA had control over Gaza, not Hamas.

So who really wants Hamas? Although this is a terrible time with lots of deaths and causalities, this period for Israel is one in which they can hopefully throw out Hamas and bring in an Authority to Gaza that actually wants to make peace. Currently, people in and around Gaza aren’t in favor of the terrorist organization, so any replacement would be better.


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The main backer of Hamas is Iran, and for good reason. Neither of them recognize the right of Israel to exist and both of them have the stated goal of wiping Israel off of the face of the Earth. This is why Iran provides most of the weapons to Hamas in Gaza.

In terms of the Palestinians living in Gaza, they initially did like Hamas, because they were ran for government on a platform of providing (much needed) social services. It actually uses 90% of its $70 million budget to fund those programs. In no way am I saying that Hamas is a good organization, rather, I’m saying that not everyone in the world hates them.

Comment by Sam Sittenfield

To comment on the people in gaza itself: i believe that proof that there is strong support for hamas within its territory was the 250,000 Palestinians that came out in support of hamas on its 21st anniversary earlier this year.

And, while there have to be citizens within its borders that would love to openly criticize the government, they are prohibited from doing that by “secret police” like tactics that hamas uses to enforce its rule.

Comment by ZionismLives

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