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~The Restoration of the Gaza Crises by zionismlives
December 2, 2008, 7:30 am
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On November 4, Israel preformed a ground raid upon the Gaza Strip to destroy a tunnel that the Israeli government claims was built by the Hamas military to kidnap an Israeli soldier. In that same day, Israel preformed an air-strike on southern Gaza. In response, Hamas and other terrorist organizations rekindled the fuses on their rockets and officially broke the cease-fire in place since June of this year. In response to the rocket attacks, Israel closed the borders through to Gaza, limiting their power supply and the supplies of UN organizations proving food and other necessities to three quarters of a million Gaza residents. Minimal amounts of supplies began to be allowed in on November

There are two issues that have to do with this renewed crisis. The first has to do with Israel’s preemptive raid into Gaza and Israel’s subsequent air strike. Israel claims that the raid was to prevent a kidnapping by Hamas. The idea that Hamas would break the cease-fire is simply ridiculous—their cause is fueled by the sympathy it receives from outside sources because it plays up the victim role. No victim could break a cease-fire, and kidnapping a soldier (hardly “kosher” in wartime) would be denounced. Say what you will about the evil acts Hamas commits, but it is a very strategically ingenious organization. Thus, Hamas, in order to keep its victim status, would never kidnap a soldier. Secondly, the air-strike—a response to rocket fire from Gaza—was a terrible decision. It continued the back and forth between to enemies instead of trying to limit the violence to just two incidents. As long as Israel responds to Gaza’s responses, there will end up being an endless barrage of bombing in both territories.

The other part of this crisis is Israel closing down the border crossings, preventing key goods to be let into Gaza. There is a difference between letting in fuel for the power plant and letting in UN supplies so it can provide for 750,000 people. When Israel restricts fuel, it sends a message to the government that it must stop the rockets or its power will be gone—power being very important for government and societal functions. However, when Israel does not allow UN goods to pass, it crosses the line of humanitarian crisis and is wrong. The UN, being a sovereign entity, is only there to help the people the Gaza government neglects—those are people that Israel must be able to win over. But Israel is learning, proved by the fact that they are actually allowing in some supplies on November 11th. By restricting the right goods, Israel can send a forceful message to Hamas, and a sympathetic one to the world.


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