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~Meet Rahm Emanuel by samsitt
November 10, 2008, 8:01 pm
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If you don’t know who Rahm Emanuel is now, you will soon. The Representative fro the state of Illinois has accepted Barack Obama’s offer to be the new White House Chief of Staff. He led President Clinton’s campaign finances for his 1992 bid for the White House. Going back a little bit further, he is the son of an Israeli who fought in the Irgun during the time of the British Mandate. He went to a Jewish Day School, and volunteered in the Israeli Defense Forces during the Persian Gulf War.

Emanuel is a strong supporter of Israel. He supports AIPAC (Amerian-Israel Public Affairs Committee) and we quote in the Chicago Tribune as saying Israel will not achieve peace until the Palestinians “turn away from the path of terror.” Will this strong supporter of Israel really help Israel? Could his strong views cause him to only act on his emotions towards Israel, without processing the potential outcomes of his actions? That is to say that he might suggest radical plan for Obama without pondering the negative feedback that might be taken out on Israel as a result.

On the other hand his experience that he obtained through his Clinton years and his understanding of the Israeli mindset and the situation in the Middle East will help him make good decisions. As a first time voter in this past week’s presidential election, I can say that I voted for Obama because I believe that he will continue to surround himself with knowledgeable staffers who will make up for his inexperience in political spotlight.

Emanuel on MSNBC on Israel and Obama


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