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~Jews can’t play sports… or can they? by ronshapiro
September 24, 2008, 4:33 am
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There is a stereotype often referred to that Jews can’t play sports.  Jews are slow, they can’t jump, and they are weak.  Is this true?  Well, from a genetic point of view, obviously this is not true because no person is born bigger, faster, or stronger than another.

Can this stereotype be proven wrong by statisical analysis?  The European basketball might have proof that this statement is incorrect.  Israeli franchise Maccabi Tel Aviv has been in the finals of the Euroleague 13 times, winning 5 championships.  Furthermore, in the 2009 European Championship, 4 of the 16 teams will be led by Israeli coaches.  That is 25%, or a quarter of the BEST EUROPEAN TEAMS.  1 of these 4 is Israel itself, with Russia, Poland and Bulgaria also having an Israeli Coach.

Aside from being one the 16 best teams based on physical ability, Israel has gone beyond that and has the intelligence of sports needed to constuct a team and its gameplans.  No longer can people say that Jews can’t play sports, or that they aren’t smart enough.  At least not in basketball.

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