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~Jew-Killers by ronshapiro
September 9, 2008, 6:09 pm
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Many people that read the headlines and see that little progress is made whenever the Israeli Government negotiates with Palestinians believe that peace will never come.  But then amazing stories such as Cartooning for Peace [the previous post] and Peace Players come up.  Peace Players is an program that brings over 2,000 Jews and Arabs together to play baskteball with each other.  These programs make so much progress so that someday, the next generations might be able to make peace.

What is so sad though, is when stories of brainwashing children come up in the news.  According to ynetnews.com, Palestinian children as young as 11-years-old are being trained to kill Jews.  As one child says, “I am learning how to fight the Jews and kill Jewish children.”

From the outside, many volunteers from other countries and from inside Israel are trying to bring the youth together so that generations to come will be tolerent of each other.  But do Palestinians even want to be tolerent?  Stories where children are being taught to shoot guns that are larger than themselves are just scary.

We can only hope that this is affecting only a small percentage of children in Gaza and the West Bank.  Hopefully, there are more acts like Cartooning for Peace and Peace Players, and less brainwashing


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hi excellent blog! Im an australian living in tel aviv. I also write a blog mine is like a fun whats on in tel aviv and israel for the english speaking tribe of israel.

Id be really happy to promote any events that are bringing arab and jewish children together. Its a wonderful initiative.

If you forward event information to nayana2@gmail.com id be hapy to write articles about the event for the enlgish speakers of israel.

keep up the good work.


Comment by nayana

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