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~McCain or Obama for Israel? by jpachefsky
August 7, 2008, 3:30 am
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During the last few weeks of school, I had this constant question in my head: Who will be better for Israel? John McCain or Barack Obama? This is not an easy issue because our next President (with the help of Congress of course) will be a major player in deciding the fate of Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda. Now, just to set things straight, I am not a one issue voter; however, since I have a pretty big connection with Israel and am a first time voter, Israel is one of the bigger concerns on my political palette. In order to help me figure this out, I turned the question to the Discussion Minyan at my school, which I am very involved in. The results were very interesting.

One person even suggested that the next President whether it would be McCain or Obama, would be the next Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton – bringing two sides together to establish a peace agreement. Many students talked about what the different administrations would do for Israel and the peace process, but the general consensus of our discussion minyan was pretty unanimous. There is no way the new president will not be pro-Israel because Isreal is too important to America. Israel is not just the only democracy in the Middle East, but also America’s only reliable ally. Since I am a first time voter, my opinion actually matters, but I know whoever we elect to be our nation’s leader this coming November, our new Mr. President will be pro-Israel.


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I was discussing this with an older friend, who referred me to an article from the New York Times. I am paraphrasing, but the writer was saying that it is impossible to say whether Candidate A is better than B for Israel, because each has so many different policies on different aspects in the Middle East. Instead, he said that you should vote for whoever would be better for America (economy and military basically), which will in turn be better for Israel.

Comment by Ron Shapiro

This is the problem with SOME, not all Jews. They place Israel ahead of the U.S. Nothing personal but if Israel is that important to you please feel free to move aand stay there. We need people who pklace the interests of the U.S. ahead of Israel’s.

Comment by Anonymous

To some degree, Ron, you are right. AIPAC agrees with you, in that they do not endorse a candidate. On the contrary, in a recent interview with on ABC, Charlie Gibson asked Sarah Palin was asked what she would do if Israel felt threatened by Iran’s nuclear weapons. She said she would not “second guess” Israel’s decision, but when pressed by Gibson, would not say that the U.S. would back Israel up. A transcript of this interview can be found at http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/09/11/raw-data-palins-interview-with-abc-news/
P.S.: long time no see, Ron, how was Israel?

Comment by Sam Sittenfield

To be honest, I don’t think the McCain/Palin ticket is what you are looking for . . . Both are desperate, so are bringing up crap in the final days of the campaign. Did you see Countdown With Keith Olbermann tonight? While Palin was bringing up Obama’s attending a party held by Rashid Khalidi, she failed to mention that McCain gave two donations to Khalidi’s group, with one being $500,000.00! Palin is a redneck. Note the people who are in attendance at her “performances.” For goodness sake, listen to the way she speaks! I don’t even know how people can understand her half the time, her grammar is so bad. Well, I guess members of the audience can, as she is so much like them.

Comment by Candy Barr

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