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June 12, 2008, 8:47 pm
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It’s always interesting to see how the internet search algorithms work out. Everyone remembers Google’s “Jew” scandal last year…

So I thought I’d try searching for “Israel” on Youtube and see what comes up. Unfortunately I must say it’s nothing too great…unless you consider Al Jazeera’s Walt-Mearsheimer-esque critique of AIPAC something positive.


Or how about “Jewish” on youtube? Another Al Jazeera criticism of AIPAC.


Ironically, two of the most contentious terms I searched for – “Jew,” generally used in a derogatory way, and “Jerusalem,” the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – yielded the least anti-Israel or anti-Semitic results. “Jew” produced a number of cute videos created by Jewish people and at the top of the “Jerusalem” search was none other than Matisyahu. Down the list were other songs extolling the ancient city.

Of course, searches change daily. But it could be important to track. The impact of these videos could be significant.


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hirealyy good site

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