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~No More Oil! by melthebest

Instead of gas stations, there will be battery swap stations.

This is what Israel plans to do within the next few years. To reduce the pollution caused by gas burning vehicles and to reduce dependency on foreign oil, Israel is trying to push the nation towards electric drivers.

There is one problem – what happens when the battery of the car runs out? Shai Agassi’s (former SAP executive) solution – A typical car battery can last for 100 miles. Since Israel is a small country, most people don’t drive 100 miles at once. There will be power outlets in many of Israel’s parking lots, so people can charge their cars while they are out shopping or visiting a friend, etc. If someone wishes to take a long trip and their battery is low, they can simply drive into a battery swap station, and give in their empty battery in exchange for a fully charged one. If this idea works, our dependency on foreign oil will significantly decrease. Israel is so smart!


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