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~Mazal Tov, Boaz! by madeinisrael

Congratulations to Israel’s Boaz Mauda for placing an impressive 9th place (out of a total of 43 spots) in the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Belgrade, Serbia. The event, which took place from May 20-24, is an annual contest where countries that are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)* send a singer/band to represent their country in a continental-wide singing competition. Viewers from all the countries then vote for their favorite performer, crowning one country the victor. Russia won 1st place with Dima Bilan’s performance of “Believe.”

The ESC, which once was credited and respected as an international contest of musical merit, has become over the past several years known to showcase ostentatious costumes and meaningless pop lyrics. However, to me, it still represents an incredible feat of international collaboration for a common cause. A “musical Olympics” of sorts.

Israel first joined the ESC in 1973. It has taken the title of first place a remarkable three times. It’s most recent victory was in 1998 by the much controversial transgender singer Dana International with her song “Diva.” Dana actually wrote the song “Keilu Kan” ( a.k.a Fire in Your Eyes) that Mauda performed this year at the ESC in Belgrade. Mauda is the winner of this past season’s Kochav Nolad, the Israeli version of American Idol. See you again next year from Moscow, Russia!

*Israel, along with Morocco, though not technically part of Europe, are members of the EBU, therefore are allowed to compete in the ESC

For a clip of Boaz Mauda performing at the ESC, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WhP-59xG8s


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Boaz was the best singer in Belgrad! I wished he were the winner! But he was great and now he has Fans in Germany!!! 🙂

Comment by fadyfan

Boaz was the best! No doubt about that.
Finland loves him.
What an amazing artist. His voice is so unique – once in a life time you come across with such talent!!!
Shalom, peace, rauhaa! I really wish there could be peace in the Middle East!!!

Comment by ESC is hoax - the best never wins

I love that song…You won lot of hearts in all Europe, Boaz!
Good luck to you.Hope to hear more from you…


Comment by Irma

Boaz said it himself in the Eurovision interview, he likes the one that brings just his voice and no gimmicks, that being the case he was certainly the best, bringing a power and passion to his performance that was lacking in the other Eurovision performances. (with notable exceptions of Swizterland, Portugal, Turkey, and Findland).

Comment by R. Mayer

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