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~Carter’s Pariah Diplomacy by Yishai Schwartz
April 30, 2008, 4:16 am
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Carter’s at it again. You’ve got to respect the man. Damn the American government, screw the public will, and to hell with scruples. Carter, as most of you already know recently returned from a trip to Nepal, and stopped by Hamas headquarters in Damascus on his way in. Deliberately defying the Bush administration’s and Israel’s stated policy of delegitimization and isolation, Carter met with Hamas leadership to play mediator. Upon his return he published an opinion piece in the New York Times criticizing the current American and Israeli policy, and calling for direct negotiations.

Carter’s recklessness and lack of responsibility are staggering. He intentionally worked against American foreign policy goals and deliberately weakened the government’s position. The whole goal of an isolation policy requires just that: isolation. Carter should feel free to argue out the wisdom of the policy in the press and public forum, but to undercut the policy is, quite simply, traitorous. One longs for the days when the 1799 Logan Act (the federal law that prohibits private citizens from conducting their own unauthorized diplomacy) was enforced and Carter would have gotten his 3 years in the clink. As Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, put it: Carter “went to the region with soiled hands and came back with bloody hands” after shaking those of Hamas arch terrorist Khaled Mashaal.

The content of the article itself was also extremely disturbing. The former president seemed to call for a release of Hamas prisoner in exchange for a letter from Israeli captive Gilad Shalit. Carter’s characterization of Hamas may also raise some eyebrows. In an article where he praises Hamas for developing “a reputation for effective and honest administration,” he fails to concede any of their faults – like the occasional suicide bombing. And while offering an analysis of American foreign policy in the region, he feels to read Hamas, or their responses, with the slightest degree of nuance.

I’ve never been a member of the rag on Carter crowd. I think its counterproductive and disrespectful to a well-meaning man and the office he once held. But now he’s even making me gag.


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Jimmy Carter is not a represent of the majority of Americans.He does not have any regard for Christian based leadership.
I subscribe to the fact that if you give Satan an inch he will try to become a ruler. Satan and his workers are the ones trying to bring Israel down. Our church prays for Israel and the leadership of the U.S regularly. The Bible tells us to pray for ourselves and The Chosen land Israel. So we do. Barrack O. Has no idea how to lead this country, never the less to stand by Israel or how to be of a determined mind, in order to defend freedom on any shore , of any sea. What Barrack O. said or did, in any contexts on any shore , Germany or anywhere else I would consider it to be a lie straight for the pits of Hell.
Iran is lead by Satan, Hitlerism and most of the Middle East is of the same like mind. To even suggest the Holocaust did not happen is ludicrous. Jeers to Jimmy Carter for posing as a peace maker , to even attempt to meet with Hamas or to call for a release of anyone. Look what he let go on with our hostages in Iran. Some of us have not forgotten.
Jimmy Carter is a liar and not doing the will of God.
I will continue to pray for peace and justice for this country and our sister country Israel. This is my first visit to this web – site, and I will return.
Peace be with you and yours:

Comment by connie

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