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~Facebook as an Advocacy Tool? by jord013
April 11, 2008, 3:29 pm
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We all know how popular Facebook is. It’s gotten to the point where even my dad has an account. Sure, there are still the increasingly rare few who decide to take a stand against the networking website by refusing to join, but most people end up checking their Facebook at least once a day.

It makes sense, therefore, that pro and anti- Israel advocates would use Facebook to further their political agendas. Instead of just inviting me to pro-Israel groups like they have in the past, however, advocates have begun inundating my Facebook inbox with pro-Israel messages, demanding that I join this group, email this company, etc. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same.

Is advocacy on Facebook worth it? I think there are two facets of the situation. One- Facebook groups are taking traditional Israel advocacy and multiplying it by 1,000. People who would otherwise have no idea where Sderot is, let alone what’s going on there, are now learning about Israel. Two- Because there are so many Israel-related groups that often overlap in their messages, Facebook users may become overexposed to the issue and lose interest.

The fact that pro-Israel advocates on Facebook are now spamming our inboxes is an example of extreme, and overall ineffective, advocacy. My brain has been programmed from the time I got my first email address to ignore spam- all spam. Let’s not let pro-Israel advocacy on Facebook become grouped in peoples’ minds with some email for a sale at Bath and Body Works or offers for free ipods.


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i really liked this. Great job! Blogs rock!

Comment by Ann Sara

that was weird. lord.

Comment by Alexander

I take that back.

Comment by Alexander

never mind. I take THAT back! I am so confused…

Comment by Alexander

I think using Facebook is an advocacy tool is very effective, but only if it used correctly. A lot of people try to make comments to support the topic of the group, but sometimes the comments are ignorant and set the group backwards.

Comment by Ron Shapiro

I think pro-Israel groups on facebook are yet another advantage of the information age. We should definitely be using it to our advantage.
Now I do understand the turn-off that can erupt from extreme-spamming in inboxes, but it is only natural.
The reason it is natural is because of the absurd anti-Israel garbage that is going around facebook.
Teens who know nothing about Israel are easily turned on to this propaganda, because some of the anti-Israel groups have cleverly hid anti-semitism beneath their ridiculous anti-zionist comments.

As long as these anti-Israel groups have a voice, we must make ours even louder. You invite 50 friends who then invite 50 of their friends and suddenly its somewhat of a fad to join pro-Israel groups. The minds of the youth are fragile and can easily be manipulated. Lets spread the truth and keep Israel alive.

Comment by Diamond

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