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~Sderot- Where is the Rest of the World? by l522b
April 3, 2008, 3:59 am
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I received a forward from a friend about the situation in Sderot. Usually, I quickly delete these emails thinking they are a waste of time and usually untruthful, but this forward caught my attention and I decided to watch this video:

This sad video shows that the horrific conditions that the people in Sderot face everyday are not getting better any time soon. The Israeli government gave up Gaza and the people there were forced to give up their homes, businesses, farms, synagogues & institutions without any real compensation in order to have peace. But in return, all it got was katusha rockets aimed at in the direction of Sderot and other villages. Yet day after day, as the violence in Sderot continues, the world does not seem to care. When Israel responds by shutting down Gaza’s electricity, the world protests Israel’s actions but says nothing when Israeli children are killed by the daily launches of these Katusha rockets. Would any other country in the world stand by while its citizens were under rocket attack by a bordering state? Where is the U.S. government? Where is the world? Where is the UN? As advocates for Israel, we must continue to make every effort to keep up with the news and do what we can to help and show our support.


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