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~Subliminal: Israeli Music on a Deeper Level by ksbeck90
March 30, 2008, 5:11 pm
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I think this video, featuring the song “Hatikva” by Subliminal depicts and emotes the struggle of our brothers in Israel that we in our secure and smug lives can easily forget to consider. It also express the intense, complicated political feelings of Israel.

Subliminal’s song, (a very popular one at that,) which I have translated into English (below) highlights the calamities of war which Israel wants not have to take place but the peace talks just mean nothing in this unfortunate age of terror: Our job is just to follow the dream and try to make things better. We are an eternal nation that has endured much in history, but, as Subliminal notes, nobody to date in history of the innumerable that have attempted have succeeded in obliterating the Jewish people, although too many try with unceasing determination. We must remain strong despite these challenges – that is the Israeli strength, the Israeli mentality and mindset that we in our comfortable lives might forget to remember.

Keep reading for a translation of Subliminal’s The Hope:

I saw how many people left (to war), too many did not return.

Friends were separated, homes were broken, tears of the families flowed out.

Buds of people, flowers that will never blossom.

The hope is in our heads, the love is in our souls, the dream is in our spirits

so forever we will continue along our path.

The silence has vanished, again the sounds of war.

Another (fallen) soldier wrapped in the the flag of the State, blood and tears are absorbed into the ground.

Another stunned mother is left with just a picture.

Lock away the hope in your heart because a strong nation is not merely peeled away.

Because the SOB who can stop the Jewish nation has not been born / never existed.

Give me the hope to accept what (i.e. the reality that) is not, the strength to change what is.

Come let us continue with our lives. It is not too late because tomorrow is a new day. The dream will die if we lose hope so extended your hand lovingly. (chorus)

You promised a dove (of peace) in the sky their is a falcon/eagle (bird of prey), clutch a poisonous thorn and not an olive branch, bro. We live in a dream; everyone discusses peace but they shoot and beat and crush- in a world of terror pure people still speak of the illusion of justice and equality. They greaten the national divide.

Daily pre-emptive attacks, in order to survive; I don’t want to live just to fight. Yet, I fight in order to live. I plant hope, and its develops roots, which protects the dream that has not yet broken into bits. Enough of the pain, enough of the drama. a year that the land is silent and doesn’t murmur: WHY?!

Chorus several times


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I have to disagree with you on this one ksbeck90. I think Subliminal does a rather poor job showing the complexity of life in Israel. Rather I think he reinforces the stereotype a besieged Israel, and of all Palestinians as terrorists.

For more nuanced takes on Israeli society and the Arab-Israeli conflict, I prefer groups like HaDag Nachash:

And the Arab-Israeli group DAM:

Comment by Charlie

Your critique is well-taken, Charlie. However, your videos merely feed into the reverse stereotype in Israel, equally if not more so false. Your videos reflect a growing overly-liberal stance of the “racist Israel” that the news too often depicts.

Comment by ksbeck90

While the song is meaningful in its own right, Charlie makes an excellent point, ksbeck. How does this song show complexity of “political feelings of Israel”? If anything, this song represents the ideas of a certain portion of the population, if not just the artist’s alone.
However, I do whole-heartedly believe that we should consider the struggle and sacrifice (for some) that the privilege of living in Israel presents. If this song is what does it for you, kol hakavod.

Comment by Yehuda

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