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~Netanyahu employs logic, not arms by ksbeck90
March 27, 2008, 5:10 pm
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Bibi Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition to the government could not be more correct in his criticism of Israel’s policy of giving weapons freely to the Palestinians, as reported in this article on the ynet website.  The atrocities in Gaza and the calamitous disaster that befell Sderot consequently should be enough proof.  Do we really want to arm those people who may very well be attacking us from the West Bank in a possible third intifada?: May that never befall us.

It’s also kind of remarkable that in ignoring what might sound like a good PR move and trusting only safety, Bibi has gotten himself good PR from those who also understand the dangers to Israel that arming the Palestinans poses. If they are going to attack Israel, let them pay for arms themselves; otherwise they have no needs for these arms, anyway.


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