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~Israel Reaches for the Stars and Discovers New Ones by nachman18
February 29, 2008, 6:00 pm
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Over the past decade, 10 new solar systems, besides the one we live in, have been discovered. Recently, this number was increased by one when Israeli astronomers from Tel Aviv University’s Wise Observatory at Mitzpe Ramon assisted in finding a new solar system.


The new solar system closely resembles ours, in that it includes planets of relatively close weights to ours, spread out in a similar way to ours. However, the newly discovered solar system has a central star about one-half the size of ours, and several planets one-half the size of their corresponding planets from our solar system.

Past solar systems have been discovered by measuring their central stars’ “wobbly paths,” which are caused by the surrounding planets’ gravitational pulls. However, this new solar system was located using a technique related to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Scientists were able to use planets’ mass as a magnification device to follow far-away light sources.

The finding was first reported about in Science, a major science journal.


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